Ultrapure water purification systems, deionizers, reverse osmosis, distillation.

Essential for any lab, our line of sterilizers help extend the life of your instruments while making them safe for multiple uses.

Hotplate & stirrer, shaker & vortex mixer, incubator, furnace, pyrometer, dri-bath incubator, cryobiological/cryogenic storage system, cryogenic dry shipper, cryogenic transfer vessel.

Shaker, CO2 incubator, shaking incubator, vacuum oven, water bath, shaking water bath, dri-bath incubator, multi unit extraction heater, refrigerator & freezer.

Heating mantle, heating & stirring heating mantle, multi unit extraction heating mantle, heating & stirring multi unit extraction heating mantle, Bunsen burner, histology, macro & micro kjedahl apparatus, melting point.

Cell culture products and bioprocessing systems for life-science research and protein-based drug production.HyClone product line also includes high-quality classical media, serum-free and protein-free media, process liquids and flexible, single-use BioProcess Container™ (BPC®) systems.

We design, develop, and manufacture plastic products for use in laboratory, packaging, environmental, biotech and life science applications.

Produce of high tech disposable plastic ware fulfilling the needs of today’s customers within biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits.