Thermo Scientific Precision High Performance Incubators feature advanced microprocessor controls. Our Precision high-performance incubators are available with mechanical or gravity convection for your most important applications that require excellent temperature distribution or gentle sample heating between 5C above ambient to 75C.
Our Precision Standard Incubators are ideal for everyday applications that require temperatures between 5C above ambient to 65C and feature gravity convection for uniform heat distribution and reduced air movement to protect sample integrity.
Featuring a space-savings footprint for maximizing workspace, our precision compact incubators are ideal for small clinics and laboratories that require temperatures between 5C above ambient to 40C or 60C.
Precision Refrigerated Incubators feature microprocessor controls and forced air circulation, our Precision refrigerated incubators are ideal for applications that require temperatures at or below ambient from -15C to 60C (5F to 140F) with excellent temperature control and stability.
The 20 cu. ft . (566 liters) Thermo Scientific Plant Growth Chamber includes a 24 hour timer/programming for lighting and temperature to meet your growth requirements. Temperature control is from -5C to 55C (10C to 55C with lights on).

Our Precision High-Performance Ovens are built for high temperature drying applications requiring high temperatures, ultra-precise temperature stability and reproducibility with a very broad temperature range of ambient +15C.
Featuring advanced microprocessor controls and temperature stability, our Precision Premium Ovens are ideal for your precise heating applications with a temperature range of 50C to 275C.
Featuring electronic controls and gravity convection, our Precision Standard Ovens are ideal for your everyday laboratory heating and drying needs with a temperature range of 50C to 225C.
Featuring a compact design, our Precision basic ovens are ideal for your drying and baking applications with a temperature range of ambient +5C to 210C.