Thermo Scientific shakers are designed for various types of motion including orbital, reciprocating, rocking and even 3-Dimensional rotation for applications that range from solubility studies, extraction procedures, staining and destaining gels, hybridizations, bacterial suspensions, general mixing and cell culture.  We offer a complete line of orbital shakers, rockers, rotators and mixers which translates to multiple benefits for your laboratory, assuring effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. 

A. Orbital

B. Orbital/Reciprocating

C. Rotator

D. Microplate Shaker

II. Incubator Shaker

III. Water Bath Shaker

IV. Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Container

V. Dri-Bath Incubator

VI. Environmental Chamber

VII. Multi-Unit Extraction Heater

VIII. Incubator

IX. CO2 Incubator

X. Oven

XII. Refrigerator & Freezer