Heating Mantle

Electromantle (EM)

The Thermo Scientific Electromantle features a durable, chemically resistant, polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills and includes a replaceable heating element cartridge.

Product Detail

The Thermo Scientific Electromantle series is available in multiple types to meet your specific needs. The element temperature range of all models is from ambient to 450C (842F).

Spill-Proof (EMX) and V-Shaped (EMV)

The Thermo Scientific Spill-Proof Mantle (EMX) and Thermo Scientific V-Shaped Mantle (EMV) have a chemically-resistant polypropylene housing for durability. The built-in electronic controller regulates element temperature to 450C (842F). Both mantles accept a large range of flask and funnel sizes for added flexiblity.

Heating and Stiring (EMA)

The durable Thermo Scientific Heating and Stirring Mantle (EMA), with built-in electronic controller, has a resilient, chemical-resistant polypropylene outer housing that minimizes damage from spills, making it ideal for a broad range of applications.

Metal Case Uncontrolled (CMU)

The Thermo Scientific Metal Case Uncontrolled Mantle features an aluminum housing that is tough, chemical-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean.

Metal Case (CM)

The Thermo Scientific Metal Case Mantle's aluminum housing is chemical resistant, tough, lightweight and easy to clean. The built-in controller regulates element temperature to 450C (852F).

Three Flask Sizes In One Mantle (CMUT)

The CMUT Thermo Scientific Heating Mantle provides a three-in-one design that accommodates 250, 500 or 1000 ml round bottom flasks in one mantle. Solid state external power control provides precise manual control of the output range from 3% to 100%, making this mantle suitable for use in fume hoods.

Modular Mantle (OM)

The Thermo Scientific Modular Mantle heats fluids in round bottom flasks. It accommodates your choice of three interchangeable cartridges: 250 ml, 500 ml or 1000 ml flask sizes

Flexible (MG)

This product has been discontinued.

The lightweight Thermo Scientific Flexible Mantle's (MG) mesh exterior envelopes the contour of your vessel, making it ideal for a variety of flasks and ensuring an economical maintenance of temperature.

Electromantle Extraction Heater

The Thermo Scientific Electromantle Extraction Heater with three or six recesses has a built-in electronic controller and offers a choice of heater only or heater/stirrer combination. The vented case's unique air flow ensures the case remains "cool to the touch.

Macro-Kjedahl and Micro-Kjedahl

The robust Thermo Scientific Macro-Kjeldahl Extraction Heater and Thermo Scientific Micro-Kjeldahl Extraction Heater accept volume sizes from 8 ml to 800 ml and provide temperatures to 550C or 800C (1022F or 1472F).

Electric Bunsen

Thermo Scientific Electric Bunsen

Corrosion-resistant Thermo Scientific Electric Bunsen with easy-to-replace heating elements provides a temperature range from 800C to 1000C (1472F to 1832F).

Product Detail

The Thermo Scientific Electric Bunsen combines the advantages of a gas burner with the clean operation and easy control of electric heating.